[texhax] Using LaTeX in Connection with Magazine Layouts

William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Sat Jul 10 00:12:28 CEST 2004

On Friday, July 9, 2004, at 05:01  PM, <glhoffman at cox.net> wrote:

> Is anyone aware of a package, template or example where LaTeX is used 
> for a magazine layout? I suppose one could use the book document 
> class; but, this would entail quite a bit of customization to achieve 
> the desired results.

There are some classes for doing newsletters on CTAN.

Don Hosek used TeX to lay out the first year or three of his magazine, 
_Serif: The Magazine of Fine Type and Typography_, but switched to 
Adobe InDesign at the end.

Stephan Lehmke had a very interesting presentation at TUG2003 on 
creating a layout for various catalogs --- his abstract is up on the 
TUG2003 pages --- unfortunately, this was contract work, and isn't 

The company I work for has done some Journal layouts using Plain TeX 
--- essentially it's a matter of sticking in the text using various 
techniques, then having a custom output routing examine everything 
which is available, fill a page with it according to user-specified 
rules, delete what has been placed from the list of things waiting to 
be placed, then repeating until all is place, or one arrives at the end 
of one's page count (you need to have a lot of discretionary material 
to place for this to work).

FWIW, my choice for doing magazine layout at this point in time would 
probably be SoftMagic's Project M, www.softmagic.com


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