[texhax] TeXLive problems

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jul 9 20:50:26 CEST 2004

Hi Marshall,

    I received a note back that the receiving mailbox
    was full the first time.

FYI, that was presumably simply one of the subscribers who has a
misconfigured mail program.  Your mail did go through to the list.

    Should I place TeXLive in a different directory?

Any directory should do, although of course it would not be good to try
to install TL and anything else in the same directory.
C:\Program Files\TexLive sounds fine.

    Does TeXLive contain YAP? (A search does not come up with it.)

      If not what dvi previewer is supplied.

For Windows, at least windvi, not sure if there are others.

  For example:  WINEdt is  not able to find YAP or to
                make the dvi previewing button on its toolbar

Sorry, I don't know how to configure winedt.  Maybe someone else can

                When I try to LaTeX a file I get the message
                "cannot find  overwrite.."

"Cannot find overwrite"?  This message does not make any sense.
Is that the exact wording?  Is there a filename or any other information?

    In the \TexLive\bin\win32 directory I find many files whose names
     start with mktex, but none of them seems large enough to be a
    working TeX system. (Maybe all of them together?)

The mktex... programs are auxiliary.  The main TeX binary is named "tex",
also "latex", etc.

      So I tried to download WinTeX2000 which I've used before.
      when I try to install it I get the message
                    "The MikTeX Installroot could not be found."

I haven't heard of wintex2000, but in any case, miktex is a completely
different distribution from TeX Live.  Trying to run both at the same
time would require very clear separation, and would probably cause
confusion in any case.  Miktex has its own mailing lists for support,
where there would be more miktex experts to help, if you go that route.


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