[texhax] TeXLive problems

Marshall M. Cohen marshall at math.umd.edu
Thu Jul 8 21:09:03 CEST 2004

Dear TUG Support,

I recently joint TUG and received the TeXLive CD.
This has been downloaded into my PC as the directory
             C:\Program Files\TexLive

But the programs I've downloaded which need to use this
can't seem to find what they need.

  For example:  WINEdt is  not able to find YAP or to
                make the dvi previewing button on its toolbar

                When I try to LaTeX a file I get the message
                "cannot find  overwrite.."

  So I tried to download WinTeX2000 which I've used before.
  when I try to install it I get the message

                "The MikTeX Installroot could not be found."


Should I place TeXLive in a different directory?

Should I place these wordprocessing programs in a particular
 place so that they can use TeXLive?

Does TeXLive contain YAP? (A search does not come up with it.)
  If not what dvi previewer is supplied.

In the \TexLive\bin\win32 directory I find many files whose names
 start with mktex, but none of them seems large enough to be a
working TeX system. (Maybe all of them together?)

Please help!  I can be reached agt 301 219-0637 or at the email
address above.

                                        Marshall Cohen
                                        17H Ridge Road
                                        Greenbelt, MD 20770
                                        301 219-0637 (cell phone)
                                        mmc25 at cornell.edu

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