[texhax] Teeny type

Robert Hunt reh10 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 7 18:00:31 CEST 2004

> I was in the US last week and received one of the new 20 dollar bills.
> It has one of the common anticounterfeiting measures: include some
> teeny type that will not scan/photocopy well. Just to the right of
> Andrew Jackson's face under the first part of the work TWENTY is a
> string 20 USA 20 USA ... The size is about 2/3pt. The newest series
> of Canadian dollar bills has perspective type descending to about 2pt.

When you say "2/3pt" do you mean "2pt or 3pt", or do you mean
"two-thirds of a point"? English notes have had sub-2pt type on for a
long time...

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