[texhax] producing a PS file from a tex file

M Senthil Kumar senthil at www.cdfd.org.in
Fri Jul 9 05:55:25 CEST 2004


> The only command I can use is to select from the upper command line in
> XEmacs: "Comands", and then: "Print" and then: "ps"
> IN the bottom command line I have now: "dvips fielname.tex -Pps"
> I hit enter, it says the ps file was printed okay...and there is no ps file.

The command dvips filename -Pps prints the device independent file (.dvi)
to a postscript printer. You cannot give .tex file as an input to the
dvips command.

First, run LaTeX from the Command menu, if there are no errors .dvi file
will be generated with the same filename as your .tex file. If you want
the output to be saved in a postscript file, type:

dvips filename.dvi -o

You can view the .ps file using ghostview (gv). For some reasons, if you
cannot run LaTeX inside XEmacs, then type `latex filename.tex' from the
command line for getting the .dvi file.



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