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Pavel Minev Penev pavpen at berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 8 22:50:22 CEST 2004

В деня вторник,  6. от юли, 2004 в 15:00:05 GMT +0000, Mohamed HOUSSNI мислил:
> I have several various files which compile successfully. For example: 
> file1.tex, file2.tex, etc. and I would like to generate a special 
> contents file at the base of title and authors of each file but in the 
> same  output "contents file". I did for that:

Although, I don't see any sane reason for that.  You can try redefining
`\usepackage', the `document' environment and everything else that
appears in your preambles and try something like


(If you are more elaborate, you may construct a macro that eats up
tokens until it finds `\begin{document}' and redefines `\enddocument' to
stop the output of tokens by the macro.)

> But when I compiled the first file "file1.tex" I successed to have in my 
> contents file "contents.f" the two entries title and authors of file1.tex.
> And when I compiled the second file, the two first entries of file1.tex 
> have been erased and replaced by those of file2.tex.
> My hope is how to add the other entries in the same contents file when I 
> compile the differents file one by one.

How does concatenating the ``contents'' files work, and do you not
prefer to work with them, rather than the `.tex's?


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