[texhax] LaTeX

Pierre MacKay mackay at cs.washington.edu
Thu Jul 8 21:45:55 CEST 2004

>   It's not obvious.  It's annoying since LaTeX refuses to do what I
>   explicitly ask it to do.  To get around it I've had to resort to this
<   stupid trick:

There are often vskip amounts above and below things like display
equations.  Add some text two pages earlier and the vskip moves to the
top of the page after the equation.  Do you really want that blank
space at the top of the page? Most of the time you don't.  TeX's
ability to repaginate without producing huge gaps of white space at
the top of pages where a vskip happens to land is one of the special
features---yes, features, real features---of the system.

Moreover, though I am not a LaTeX user,  doesn't \vspace*{2cm} produce
a non-disappearing space?  The asterisk works for other space commands
as well.  In TeX, you have to use \strut\vskip, and in all probability 
that is approximately what \vspace* translates to.

Pierre MacKay

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