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tom sgouros tomfool at as220.org
Wed Jul 7 17:26:10 CEST 2004

Here's a redefinition of \maketitle from the article class you can
use.  Put this at the top of your file (before the \begin{document}.

In the style for which I wrote this (to satisfy excruciating NASA
requirements similar to what you describe, the macros below called
\eseWhatever all have a little bit of text in them (no paragraphs),
and this makes them appear in little subheads under the title.  Just
substitute your text for them.  It's a hack, but it works.


  \let \footnote \thanks
    {\Large \@title \par}%
    \vskip 1em%
      \lineskip .5em%
    \vskip 1em%
  %% Insert Status section (two parts)
  \vskip 1.5em
  {\textbf{Status of this Memo}}
  \vskip 0.3em
  \vskip 0.2em
  %% Insert Change explanation section
  \vskip 1.5em
  {\textbf{Change Explanation}}
  \vskip 0.3em
  %% Insert Copyright section
  \vskip 1.5em
  Copyright \copyright\ NASA, 2004.  All Rights Reserved.
  %% Insert Abstract
  \vskip 1.5em
  \vskip 0.3em

 tomfool at as220 dot org

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