[texhax] LaTeX

Misty Tyler mistyt at zoomnet.net
Wed Jul 7 02:49:42 CEST 2004

To whom it may concern,

I need help typing my thesis in LaTeX.  I need some things included on my
title page that does not seem possible using the "article" documentclass
that I'm using.  I need to include things like my degree, my committee
members, etc. on the title page and I also need to include in the paper a
table of figures, an acknowledgement page, a dedication, etc.  Is there a
way to create such commands or environments within the "article"
documentclass that will allow me to include such things?  I've searched a
couple of books and the internet and found nothing helpful.  Please give me
any help that you can...my thesis is due in about a week and a half and my
committee members do not know.

Misty Wood

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