[texhax] Help

Mohamed HOUSSNI houssni at e-press.co.ma
Wed Jul 7 11:10:55 CEST 2004

>> I am trying to develop my class file to how do multiple write in the 
>> same output file after having to compile several various files with 
>> that class. But I did not managed to do it.
> actually, i don't really understand what you are asking.  perhaps it
> would be good to try expanding the description of what you want to do.

I have several various files which compile successfully. For example: 
file1.tex, file2.tex, etc. and I would like to generate a special 
contents file at the base of title and authors of each file but in the 
same  output "contents file". I did for that:
\newif\if at cfileopen \global\@cfileopenfalse

    \if at cfileopen \else \@opencfile \fi
       \immediate\write\@cfile{Title: #1 \thepage}%
%       \long\def\authorcontents#1{%
    \if at cfileopen \else \@opencfile \fi      
       \immediate\write\@cfile{Authors: #1}%
But when I compiled the first file "file1.tex" I successed to have in my 
contents file "contents.f" the two entries title and authors of file1.tex.
And when I compiled the second file, the two first entries of file1.tex 
have been erased and replaced by those of file2.tex.
My hope is how to add the other entries in the same contents file when I 
compile the differents file one by one.

Maybe somebody can help me!

Thank you


Dr. Mohamed Houssni
Casablanca Technopark

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