[texhax] Hacking \circleddash

John Simmie john.simmie at nuigalway.ie
Thu Jul 1 12:48:39 CEST 2004

My attempt to hack a 'standard state' symbol which looks like a circle with 
a horizontal line thru it
it would only ever be used as a superscript in math mode
is not great, even downright poor ... see \notzero below

ideally a hack of the AMS symbol \circleddash with a smaller circle and/or 
a longer line
would fit the bill.  The closest I have found in the Comprehensive LaTeX 
Symbol List
is \minuso in the stmaryrd package which I do not want to use ...

So how does one redefine \circleddash to suit?
\def\notzero{{\mathchar'174\mkern-13mu 0}}


  H^{\notzero}_T = H^{\notzero}_r + \int^T_r C^{\notzero}_P \; dT

$$ \circleddash $$

                Dr. John M. Simmie
Chemistry Department & Environmental Change Institute
    National University of Ireland, Galway::Ireland
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