[texhax] Chemistry molecular structures

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Feb 29 09:02:14 CET 2004

> Thanks douglas i used some protein examples (desoxyribonucliec acid)
> and try to center using \begin{center}... but it doesn't work, so have
> to exist some command like \centering to put the molecular strtuce
> centered in the page, at all thanks really thank sby your answer,
> about your time don't worry this is a group list nobody has the
> obligation to do something, a simple help is trtmendous (docs,
> tutorials and etc).

try \leavevmode before the code for the chemistry

re. \begin{center} vs. \centering --

use \begin{center} in text (diagram used in the same way that display

use \centering (with \leavevmode, if you're using a non-latex package
like ppchtex) if you're inside a \begin{figure}...\end{figure}

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