[texhax] having words breaking over the pages

Philip TAYLOR [PC87S-O/XP] P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Feb 26 18:36:59 CET 2004

krishan gopal goswami wrote:
> Respected Sir,
> I am a normal TeX user, I am facing problem of
> hyphenated break at the end of the page, which can be
> removed by inserting \break command before the word
> which  is breaking over the pages or by having it in
> \hbox{wordbreaoverpages}, is there any solution (like
> some penalty variables such as \widowpenalty and
> \clubpenalty for widow and orphans) to protect the
> hyphenation of words at page break.
> I found a variable named \brokenpenalty which can be
> set to avoid hyphenation of words at page break but
> other problem arises with this is that the last line
> which was having hyphenated word break at the end,
> moves to next page, that is not right solution
> actually line should not move to next page, just only
> the last word (word breaking over pages) should either
> adjusted on same page or move to next page.
> Waiting for your kind support and thanking you in
> advance.

Not possible, I fear : TeX breaks paragraphs into lines
asynchronously w.r.t. breaking galleys into pages, and
thus (in standard TeX, at least) there can be no feedback
from the page-breaking algorithm to the line-breaking 
algorithm.  With some work you could probably devise
a multi-pass approach which detected infelicitous hyphens
at page breaks and fed back information for TeX to use on
a subsequent pass; TeX would then adjust the line-breaking
parameters for the paragraph(s) in question.  Not a task
to be underaken lightly, though ...

Philip Taylor

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