[texhax] A Question about \par

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Thu Feb 26 15:01:42 CET 2004

På Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 10:31:07PM -0500, Robert Sherry skrev:
>     When writing my documents in LaTeX I use the command \par to indicate
> the start of a new paragraph. LaTeX nicely indents the start of a new
> paragraph. However, for the first paragraph in a section, LaTeX does not
> indent even though I have a \par command. I do not understand why, and I
> wish it would indent.

The first sentence in a paragraph should not be indented. It's a sign of
typographic weakness. The total shape of a text block should be a square
(that's why you'll have to use \noindent for the first paragraph after a
block quotation). Maybe it's best for you to consider the indent as a
paragraph "separator", instead of an "initiator".

  mvrgr, Wouter

P.S. The \indent function is probably what you're looking for, but don't say
     I didn't warn you for bad esthetics!
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