[texhax] LaTex on Mac

Justin Walker justin at mac.com
Wed Feb 25 04:38:23 CET 2004

On Tuesday, February 24, 2004, at 05:22 PM, Phil Parker wrote:

> On 02/24/2004 at 01:50 PM, "Nese Omur" <neseomur at kou.edu.tr> wrote:
>> I wrote a paper using LaTex  on a PC (Windows 2000). I need to wiev 
>> this
>> document on Mac. Is there a way to convert this paper or the DVI to
>> Mac.tex?

If by 'Mac.tex', you mean "TeX on the Mac", you have a plethora of 
alternatives.  Check this: <http://www.esm.psu.edu/mac-tex>.



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