[texhax] Booklet A6 format

Sorin Marti mas at semafor.ch
Tue Feb 24 16:24:17 CET 2004

Pavel wrote:
> Back at the time when I was writing a script having a similiar setup to
> yours (A5 pages on A4 sheets), I tried a number of options.  Package
> geometry will probably be useful to you, but I didn't find a way to
> distribute the pages as needed from within LaTeX.  I tried tried using
> `psnup`, `pstops`, `mpage`, `psbook` and `psresize`.  There appeared to
> be a number of bugs regarding the paper size that ends up in the PS
> document.  What I ended up using was:
> [In the LaTeX file:]
> 	\documentclass[twoside,10pt]{book}
> [A6 paper is supported by geometry:]
> 	\usepackage[dvips,a5paper,twoside,includemp]{geometry}
> [To your taste:]
> 	\geometry{	marginparwidth=0.7cm,
> 			lmargin=1.5cm,	rmargin=1.5cm,
> 			tmargin=2cm,	bmargin=2cm}
> [In a script that prepares the paper for printing:]
> 	#!/bin/sh
> 	psbook tex_outp.ps with_pages_reordered.ps
> 	export PAPERSIZE=a5
> 	mpage -m0 -2 with_pages_reordered.ps > with_pages_grouped.ps
> 	psresize -Pa5 -pa4 -q with_pages_grouped.ps ready_for_pringing.ps
> 	echo "NOTE: You probably need not rotate the pages when re-inserting them!"
> Luck good,

Thank you for your advices. I'll let the list know when it worked.


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