[texhax] setspace.sty

Michael Durney nitrogen_15 at imap.cc
Sun Feb 22 09:08:38 CET 2004

Dear Tex readers,

I have to urgently set the spacing in my thesis and am having problems
with both the doublespace and singlespace packages. I am using Latex to
create a PDF document with fonts and the pslatex package. There is no
problem when I process a self-contained file (ie: all input for LaTex is
in one file) which is an "article" document style but the problem occurs
when I use a "report" file with multiple input files read in during

My setup is as follows:


There are of course other packages and input files. The processing stops
with the message:

! File ended while scanning use of \@writefile.
<inserted text>
1.25 \begin{document}


What am I missing here to make sure that setspace is used properly?

Any help would be appreciated since I want to submit my thesis ASAP!


  Michael Durney
  nitrogen_15 at imap.cc

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                          unladen european swallow

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