[texhax] User Defined Values

Huberts MCN hubertsmcn at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 20 14:26:45 CET 2004

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to define something (not a 
command but a
value), and then call upon the value at another time. For example, suppose I 
wanted to make
my own title page (perhaps a bad example but it illustrates the point), 
which is to include a title,
the author name(s), and his/her university.

What I want is something like:

\University = Whatever U.;
\Name = Whomever;
\Title = Title of the work;

where University, Name, and Title all represent some unser supplied value.

Then, using these definitions (\University, \Name, \Title), I want to call 
upon them at a later time. An example might be:


The goal would then to have a centered page where the unser defined values 
for Title, Name, and University would be displayed.

Thanks for any help.

Stay informed on Election 2004 and the race to Super Tuesday. 

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