[texhax] fancyfooter

Martin Røpcke mr at xosoftware.dk
Fri Feb 20 09:17:47 CET 2004

I use package fancyhdr in a project. Now, when I add  
\renewcommand{...}{...} as below I get a line above an added footnote 
and at the top of the footer. This is to be expected but what I would 
like to obtain is a line above the text (header) and below the text (not 
footer) but above the footnote of equal lengths, that is, the text 
itself should have two lines of equal lengths -- one above and one below 
-- enclosing it.
I hope I have made myself clear, if not please make me explain better -- 
my deadline is closing in.
Thank you

\documentclass[12pt, twoside]{article}


\fancyhf{} %clears all fields.
\headheight -0.1cm %controls distance between headerline and text.




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