[texhax] un-italicizing lower-case Greek letters

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Wed Feb 18 10:29:29 CET 2004

> The first question I have concerns how to un-italicize all of the
> lower-case Greek letters in a document. Rather than a method that applies
> the method to each and every lower-case Greek letter, I would prefer some
> sort of global command that would always give un-italicized lower-case
> Greek letters.

This works (although I would have thought there's a better way); I got it by
looking at symbols-a4.pdf (which lists all fonts and symbols available and
can be found on CTAN).  Of course, you will need to extend the \let's to
cover all (lower-case) letters.


This would be best implemented by creating upmath.sty as follows:


and then putting \usepackage{upmath.sty} in your documents.

> Also, is there a simple way to output two sets of words, one flush on the
> left side of the page and the other flush on the right side of
> the page on
> the same line? An example is:
> \underline{\textsc{Home}}   \hspace{11.5cm}
> \underline{\textsc{University}}\\
> (where _Home_ would be flush on the left side of the page and
> _University_
> flush on the right side of the page) but determining the value
> for \hspace
> is iterative and thus time consuming. Does an easier method exist?

Phil Parker gave the simple answer - there are others: use a two-column
layout with left flush on the left and right flush on the right; use tabular
with \tabcolsep=0pt and two columns (ditto) ...  These would be more quickly
altered if it became necessary.

Let me comment that the question suggests a little light manual reading
might be in order.  No offence, please.

Cordialmente,  Philip G. Ratcliffe

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