[texhax] LaTeX and Type 1 fonts in Illustrator 10 under Windows ME

Tim Riley tim.riley at yale.edu
Mon Feb 16 00:32:18 CET 2004

I'm writing again on the subject of LaTeX labels on Adobe Illustrator 
figures.  My first message is here:


I regret that the problem is continuing to cause me considerable 
frustration.  Here is a review.  The way that I used to annotate figures in 
Illustrator was by LaTeXing a little file with the labels in, then turning 
it into a .ps file, then opening this file in Illustrator and then dragging 
the equations onto the figure.  The problem is that, with more recent 
versions of LaTeX, when the .ps file is opened in Illustrator, it makes 
substitutions for the CM fonts and ruins the equations.  I am using MiKTeX 
and Illustrator 10 under Windows ME, but I gather that there are similar 
problems with Mac OS X.

I do not believe that the problem is a result of updates in Illustrator 
because I can open old .ps files in Illustrator 10 as I used to.  It seems 
that something has changed in recent versions of LaTeX.

I am aware of the Warmread package and the marked objects plug-in for Adobe 
Illustrator.  But that method is awkward.  Being able to drag to precise 
locations, to see immediately what you are getting, and copy and resize is 
far more convenient.  I am told that Latin Modern fonts would not be 
substituted by Adobe, but I haven't been able to get them to work.  Also I 
gather that something like  "Enfocus PitStop" would help - but there must 
be an easier answer that does not involve buying and learning to use 
professional fonts tools.

Does anyone know what has changed in LaTeX to cause this change in 
function?  And how can it be reversed?  I have tried installing an old 
versions of LaTeX (TeXLive 4 and 6) and using .ps produced by that, but 
with no success.  Should some old fonts be copied in place of the new ones?

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!

Tim Riley

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