[texhax] Re: LaTeX failed to create a dvi file

Christian Schenk cs at miktex.org
Fri Feb 13 16:04:22 CET 2004

Edgar G. Goodaire wrote:
> Dear Friends:
> For the past several times, intermittently, but occasionally
> continually until I reboot (Windows XP) when I try to process a file
> (even containing just one word), MikTeX complains
> "LateX failed to create a dvi file.  For possible explanations, start
> the command from the command prompt or read the log
> file."

This usually happens if the DVI file "is in use" (what happens when you try
to delete it?).

You can use the Filemon utility to find the guilty program:


PS: I wouldn't be surprised if you find out that another LaTeX sessions
locks the output files.


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