[texhax] installing new styles with tetex on Linux

Steve Schwartz s.j.schwartz at qmul.ac.uk
Fri Feb 13 15:27:05 CET 2004

> MikTeX on my Windows machine has a very nice easy way to install new 
> styles and packages.  Tetex on my new Linux machine seems not to have an 
> equivalent easy GUI for package management.  How does one install new 
> styles under tetex in Linux?  I'm looking to install the MLA style of 
> bibligraphies.  I found the link on CTAN.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I use TEX's environment variables which
I set. e.g., in my .cshrc to do this. This leaves my main tex
distribution intact (so that when I upgrade it I don't need to go in and
fiddle, nor run any separate texconfig things, etc.) There's a big list
set out in section 4.1 of the Kpathsea documentation, and a brief
discussion in several FAQs. I found one at
http://www.ai.mit.edu/lab/sysadmin/latex/faq/ which is clear, but the
TeXFaqs searched with TEXINPUTS will also work. In particular, try


to point to your private style files, etc. Paths are colon separated,
with a trailing colon pulling in (la)tex's defaults. A path ending in a
double slash is supposed to be recursive down the directory.


setenv TEXINPUTS .:/home/mylatex//:

Of course, this is all private to the user and installations where
multiple users share a single tex distribution may prefer to do it
centrally (or to pass around bits of .cshrc or .profile files).


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