[texhax] installing new styles with tetex on Linux

John Wheeler jcw at chemj2.ucsd.edu
Fri Feb 13 05:34:47 CET 2004

I have the following note to myself in my facts/ directory, where I store such
notes for future reference.  I just used it to install several packages
on a new laptop.  Whether it works specifically for tetex, I'm less sure, but
it works fine for latex on linux.

texconfig is a program that (among other things) causes tex and latex to
recognize the existence of new .sty and .cls and .def and .clo files added
to directories in
so that they are known to tex to be available.

for example, the files in ..../latex/foiltex and .../latex/dratex
were added by creating the directories,
then (as root) 
was run  and the item 
update ls-R
was selected
after which, latex recognised these input files as available.  Before running
texconfig, latex didn't know of their existence, even though they'd been there.

I think "update ls-R" 
actually reads
REHASH  rebuild ls-R database
on current versions
afterwards, select
EXIT  exit
to leave the program.

Hope this helps,
John Wheeler
jcw at chemj2.ucsd.edu

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