[texhax] PSfrag and SOffice problems in Latex....

Guido Pollini pollini at mat.uniroma1.it
Tue Feb 10 22:16:26 CET 2004

Hi guys,
I'm GUI (Italy, Rome) and I'm experiencing some problems with PSfrag and
OpenOffice in latex:

I: No label replacement
In general I use SOffice (OpenOffice, I guess... ) on Linux to draw vector 
images; I need to insert Latex-type labels on the .eps image, but It
doesn't work for me. This is what I've tried to do:

  (my Latex preamble is standard, with minimal packages and options)

  -I have drawn the image and inserted some dummy labels 
   (for exmple the text "A");
  - I exported the image in EPS format;

  - in my Latex source I inserted: 
  - and finally:
     \psfrag{A}{new label}
     \includegraphics {nameimage.eps}  

Compilation gives no problem, and the image is perfectly shown, 
but in the .ps output there's no label replacement.   

It seems like PSfrag doesn't recognize the dummy label "A" in the .eps
file. I wrote this letter with standard font....

I tried to use XFIG, but for me it's relly more user friendly SOffice; I'd
like to find a solution....

II: no smooth curves

when I print .eps images, every "smooth" curve is replaced by a
piecewise-linear one (if the original curve had many control point the
result is quite good however, but it's quite noticeable)

Have you got any idea?
Thank you a lot!!


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