[texhax] Bibliography is driving me nuts...

Renju Zacharia zacharia at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Sun Feb 8 23:56:24 CET 2004

Fairbarins, Ratcliffe, Kovacs and others,

Thank you all for the inputs. Yes, everything is working fine, now.
Between, Ratchiffe, you are right; a two hour study of the manual really 
would have worked. Infact I had the manual and went through it. Since I 
am getting close to deadlines, I could not really concentrate on what i 
was reading, and couldnt really assimilate. I started tweaking the 
natbib with possible options, but at that moment nothing worked out.

Thank you all once again, for the inputs and awfully sorry to distrub 
you all for this silly stuff.



Robin Fairbairns wrote:

>>Last couple of hours, I've been trying to get numerical mode
>>citation(using natbib), with the same order for the bib entries in my
>>bib file, which I gave in .bib file.Numbers of course appear, but some
>>thing like 5 comes before 3, 22 comes before 3... Why the heck, it
>>rearranges the order alphabetically?
>bibtex does the sorting, based on the style you specify in the
>\bibliographystyle command. 
>for numeric keys, pretty well the only sensible choices[*] you have are
>alphabetic sort according to sort key (usually the author names:
>plainnat.bst) or sorted according to the order of citation
>you want something else, you have to do the ordering yourself, after
>bibtex has done the formatting.  get a complete dissertation, get the
>point where you could print it, apart from the sorting of the bib.  edit
>the file <mythesis>.bbl to change the ordering of the \bibitem entries.
>now rerun latex twice.  perform a quick visual check.  print final copy.
>[*] of course someone else will know think of another alternative ...
>just because i produced this two-element list.

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