[texhax] Can Tex do that?

Roland Schoettle rolands at otii.com
Sun Feb 8 11:51:14 CET 2004


I am a FrameMaker user that is now switching to Mac OSX. Unfortunately 
Adobe does not support FrameMaker on OS X and is suggesting we move to 
InDesign. However good, InDesign cannot do many FrameMaker functions 
such as footnotes, autoflow of text and paragraphs, or math symbols. 
InDesign is a poor document processor for our needs.

I would like to try Tex, but thought it best to ask if Tex can be used 
to create reasonably complicated color product brochures. The goal 
would be to produce brochures, newsletters, business proposals, and 
also "publish" data from a database that looks as if came from a 
high-end layout package such as Quark Express or  something similar.

Can Tex be easily used for these type of functions?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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