[texhax] Bibliography is driving me nuts...

Renju Zacharia zacharia at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Fri Feb 6 21:42:04 CET 2004

Dear Tex users,

I never thought it is this much tough!!

Last couple of hours, I've been trying to get numerical mode 
citation(using natbib), with the same order for the bib entries in my 
bib file, which I gave in .bib file.Numbers of course appear, but some 
thing like 5 comes before 3, 22 comes before 3... Why the heck, it 
rearranges the order alphabetically? Where i am missing the point? 
Looking at my thesis, I am going crazy, please help...

I am sorry..if i havent explained the problem properly... I am totally 
broken(emotional..)... :-((

Class under Koma script

Using LaTeX
in Windoze(winedt)
"Broken" Zach

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