[texhax] AMSTeX documents to LaTEX

Art Werschulz agw at cs.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 6 17:20:40 CET 2004


> do you know if there is a program to convert AMSTeX documents to Latex?

Much of the AmSTeX functionality is provided by the various ams*
packages for LaTeX (amsmath, amssymb, etc.).

The bibliographic stuff can be handled by my ams2bib Perl script,
which can be found on CTAN.  From the README file:

%<------%<--%<--%<---cut here---%<--%<--%<----------------------------

Using ams2bib is very simple:  If you have a file "foo.tex" consisting
of AmSTeX bibliographic references, the command "ams2bib foo" produces
a file "foo.bib" containing the translations of these references into
BibTeX.  Keys are automatically generated, based on the authors' names
and yuear of publication.

Note: AmSTeX does not support the wide variety of reference types that
BibTeX does.  For example, the only way to indicate a technical report
in AmSTeX is to use the \paper reference, with the \paperinfo field
giving the technical report information.  Hence, a tool such as
ams2bib would be hard-pressed to produce a @TechReport bibliographic
entry.  Indeed, ams2bib only produces @Article, @Book, and @InBook
entries.  This means that it may be necessary to hand-edit the
resulting BibTeX file, looking for these kinds of corrections.

%<------%<--%<--%<---cut here---%<--%<--%<----------------------------

At this point, some things still need to be changed by hand, e.g.,
\abstract and \endabstract would need to be changed to
\begin{abstract} and \end{abstract}.  If there's a big demand for
same, I could write a Perl script to do this.

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