[texhax] Type 1 PS fonts

Dr. Yasha Karant,JB-344,(909) 880-5329 ykarant at csci.csusb.edu
Tue Feb 3 23:49:08 CET 2004


I have read all of the articles on Type 1 PS fonts I can find on your 
web site and have downloaded (some of) the installation files (e.g., 
AMS, bluesky, etc.).

However, in none of the installation sets can I find a prewritten script
input for the fontinst application.  Although I can write a sed, perl, 
sh, or other script that will list and parse the contents of the 
installation set and then generate a fontinst input script per the 
samples in the Type 1 tutorial that you distribute, this seems to me 
less than economical use of my time (or a students).  Do these
scripte -- or their equivalent for some other equivalent font 
installation utility -- exist for the Type 1 fonts?  If so, where?

Please note that the USA National Science Foundation wants Type 1 fonts
in documents for their FastLane system.  I am using RedHat 9 Linux on a
IA-32 workstation with the standard LaTeX (and Kile and lyx and ... ) 
that is available for such an environment, and that evidently does not 
use Type 1 by default.  Any advice or predone packages greatly would be

In these days with GPL utilities such as configure, it seems rather
slow to need to generate these scripts by hand.


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