[texhax] spacing issue

Walt Burkhard burkhard at yew.ucsd.edu
Sat Aug 28 01:17:35 CEST 2004

I am using tex-Live and have the following interesting situation
involving different page placement within the resulting .ps file depending on
the nature of the tex and dvips command scripts used to create the .ps file.

In the first case, I use both tex and dvips in the "ordinary manner" executing
commands from within the directory containing to be translated file; this seems to 
work fine.

In the second case, I use a script that changes directories into the 
directory and then executes the tex and dvips commands.   This appears to be broken.

The results differ considerably; in the first case pages are properly positioned on the
letter sized pages both according to gs as well as a postscript printer.  In the 
second case gs shows pages completely but slightly shrunk and "moved to the right" 
while the postscript printer bleeds off the top of sheets.   

The pages are to be presented with "landscape" orientation.

Both approaches previously gave identical good results.  
The difference now is that I am writing page number and chapter names to separate files. 
The page numbers and the chapter titles are written evidently as desired.  I am also
printing a page number at the bottom of the "portrait" version of the page.

One very interesting aspect of this is that the resulting ps files have very different
layouts.  Also the dvi files seem to differ in more than the creation time!

Any insights would be appreciated.    

Many thanks in advance. 

Walt Burkhard

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