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Fri Aug 27 18:41:09 CEST 2004

Hi, all.  i guess I'm a beginner to latex.  I scrounge around google to
find the answers i'm looking for, rather than doing what I can only assume
is an appropriate search.

I knows there's tons of documentation, and I know that much of it is
probably right here locally.  I just dont know how to get to it.

what i'm trying to do if mess with a letter, e.g., change the closing to
the right side, and things like that.  I'd also like to see some of the
different things that are available to me in this class.  I was lucky with
the exam class to find examdoc.tex, but only lucky.

so dont tell me what to do with my letter, but will someone tell me how to
find the right answer?



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