[texhax] problem with info command

Sebastian Luque sluque at mun.ca
Thu Aug 26 02:33:44 CEST 2004

Dear List,

After installing TeX-Live on my system (Debian/Linux), I seem to have ruined 
my access to info files. Typing "info" or "info <anything>" gives 
"/usr/bin/info: No such file or directory". I can't do absolutely anything 
with the info command. On the other hand, everything in TeX-Live works Ok.

I chose to add symlinks to /usr/info and /usr/man in the TeX-Live 
installation's script, so I must have ruined something with that. However, 
man works without problems and even lets me access the newly installed 

Looking at the two directories mentioned above within emacs shows /usr/info 
being symlinked to share/info (notice there's no slash before 'share'), 
while /usr/man is not symlinked at all. I'm not experienced enough with 
symlinks to go deeper on this.

Thanks in advance for any help spotting where the problem is.

Best, Sebastian

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