[texhax] Small caps for appendix A, B, C?

Lincoln Turner l.turner at physics.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Aug 24 09:31:41 CEST 2004

>> \renewcommand\thechapter{\textsc{\Alph{chapter}}
>> and similar don't seem to work. I know how to change formatting just for
>> titles, headers etc but it seems a bit daft to have to manually change
>> it everywhere \thechapter is rendered. Or is that what I have to do?
>umm, don't you mean
>\renewcommand\thechapter{\textsc{\alph{chapter}} ?

Umm, yes, I did mean that :)

But the problem was not that my small-caps weren't small, but a latex
error. Latex runs fine until it encounters a subfigure and then says

! Undefined control sequence.
\reserved at a ->\@nil 
l.706   \noindent\subfigure
                           [Blah blah...]

Perhaps this is a bug in the subfig package, but I assumed that it was
naughty to redefine \thechapter to contain formatting
instructions. Latex runs fine, and subfig is happy, if I don't redefine


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