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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Aug 20 01:31:09 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Randolph" == Randolph J Herber <herber at dcdrjh.fnal.gov> writes:

    > [...] My complaint
    > was about a2ps amd the modern versions of TeX and LaTeX where in
    > order to learn the names of the configuration files, the
    > relationships between the various configuration files and where
    > the default assumptions were in the code, I had to read major
    > amounts of the source code to locate a solution to my problem.

Not reading the documentation at all but trying to get the desired
information by reading the source code is by far the most stupidest
way to solve such problems.

Did you ever try "info a2ps"?  I just got the information how to
change the paper format within 20 seconds, and there was no need to
look into the sources.

What you say about TeX and LaTeX is just pure nonsense.  TeX was
designed by Knuth, an American (if this imortant for you), and the
code is frozen for yaers now.  It assumes letter paper.  Though LaTeX
is now mainly maintained by Europeans, it still defaults to letter
paper.  I absolutely do not understand what you complain about.

    > Furthermore, thank you for illustrating my point for me, the
    > file name, gs_init.ps, does not indicate clearly that that is
    > where the assumptions about paper size are stored.

But the documentation does.  

    > 	And, to me at least, TeX and LaTeX are the subjects of this
    > mailing list.  The fact that TeX and LaTex now defaults to
    > European paper sizes tell me that TeX and LaTeX support amd
    > development has moved out of the United States of America where
    > TeX and LaTex originated.

It doesn't have anything to do where TeX was developed.  If Knuth
would develop TeX today, it certainly would default to ISO standards.

    >  Before, Europeans had to put in A4
    > (after discovering the style file for that purpose); 

Yes, no problem at all, we Europeans look into documentation and just
set the recommended variables.  I'm still wondering how someone can be
so stupid to read the source code before looking into the
deocumentatiion.  Quite strange.  But you are a citizen of the United
States of America, so I suppose that you know what you are doing.

    > not, the
    > Europeans seem have reversed that situation.

Not really yet, that would be quite good, and I'd like to volunteer.


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