[texhax] verbatim inside merged cells

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Thu Aug 19 22:53:44 CEST 2004

    After a couple of hours searching for an answer I gave up. Here is my

    I would like to put verbatim text inside merged cells (columns). \texttt
    does not give nice results
    since underlines '_' tend to be to close to subsequent characters. I know I
    am just another "put
    \verb inside an argument'-guy but I have not found any answer to this
    particular problem.

    \multicolumn{ 2 }{ l }{ \verb{verbatim_text} } \\

    Any suggestions?

\texttt won't use the _ character from the tt font.
instead it uses a drawn rule that *may* be okay for
ordinary text (though i'm not fond of it there either
and usually redefine it).

but you can force the tt _ character:

    \multicolumn{ 2 }{ l }{ \textt{verbatim\char`\_text} } \\

or define a command to get it:


    \multicolumn{ 2 }{ l }{ \textt{verbatim\uline text} } \\

good luck.
							-- bb

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