[texhax] Labelling inline equations in LaTeX

Phil Parker phil at math.twsu.edu
Thu Aug 19 22:38:55 CEST 2004

On 08/17/2004 at 02:45 PM, "Wendy Langer" <wlanger at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

>I was wondering what the "obvious" way is to label a mathematical equation
>that is "inline", that is, it is within a paragraph of text, and not
>seperated out with it's own indentation and so on.

This is not good practice.

>When I try to do this, LateX puts the equation in a paragraph of its own,
>which is not what I want.

No, it is NOT a separate paragraph. It's a display (displayed equation or formula) and is an integral part of the encompassing paragraph. Only displays may have labels in good typography.

If you are skipping a line in the source code before and after each and every \begin{equation}...\end{equation} or $$...$$ pair, you are almost certainly setting the material incorrectly.

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