[texhax] Re: embedding Feynman graphs in preprints

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Aug 18 20:56:55 CEST 2004

    Any suggestion on how to produce a better quality, even if still
    rasterized, font-independent postscript file out of a single postscript
    page generated by dvips? (Or out of a single PDF page generated by

I am not familiar with feynMF, but some general ideas that come to mind:

1) make PDF files out of the figures, so that whatever fonts are used
   are embedded, instead of being required remotely.  

2) make sure you're using outline fonts, but if that's not possible,

3) run dvips with a high resolution (dvips -Ppdf for instance), so
   there's at least a chance of the output looking good.

In general, using the "right" fonts in MP output seems to be a common
problem -- I've had it myself and don't know the best answer.
prologues:=0; (or some other setting of prologues) might help.

http://silas.psfc.mit.edu/elec_fig/ (Graphics for inclusion in
electionic documents, by Ian Hutchinson) may or may not be helpful.

If anyone would like to write a tutorial on this general
problem of getting nice figures from mf/mp into pdf files, we'd love to
publish it in TUGboat.  Or if there's something out there, so much the
better :).


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