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On Aug 18, 2004, at 11:27, Randolph J. Herber wrote:

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>> From: Philip TAYLOR <P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk>
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>> Randolph J. Herber wrote:
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>>> 	Now, if were possible to convince the Europeans to stop hard-
>>> 	coding paper sizes into software instead of putting such data
>>> 	into configuration files so that it would be easier to adjust
>>> 	their software to work with letter paper, the European software
>>> 	would be much more popular with United States users.
>> [snip]
>> I'm sure this would be far simpler tha[n] convincing your fellow
>> Americans to use sensible paper sizes such as the ISO A/B/C [1]
>> series ...
> 	Yes, I agree it would be far simplier to convince the
> 	Europeans to make their software capable and flexible
> 	than to force a major portion of the world's economy to
> 	immediately switch to using ISO standard, but not sensible,
> 	paper sizes.  It also would take considerably less effort:
> 	a minor programming effort on the part of the authors once
> 	compared to a major economic effort to replace much
> 	of the paper handling and storage equipment and facilities
> 	in the United States and Canada (which is being moved to
> 	by making the equipment capable of handling either set of
> 	paper sizes). When almost all such equipment can handle
> 	either set of paper sizes would be the time to do such a
> 	switch.  The only significant advantage to the ISO sizes
> 	is that cutting sheets parallel to the short sides results
> 	in the next smaller sheet size.
>> 	"Globalization starts with getting the details right.
>> 	 Inconsistent use of SI units and international
>> 	 standard paper sizes remain today a primary
>> 	 cause for U.S. businesses failing to meet
>> 	 the expectations of the global economy."
> 	To give the source of the quote above:
> 	The author also states: ``This information was gathered
> 	by Gilbert Healton for his personal use and is without
> 	warranty of any kind whatsoever. Use at your own risk.''
> 	It is apparent to me that the author has a strong
> 	pro metric basis.
> 	By the way, I have it on good authority that the UK
> 	still uses Imperial measure for their highway system
> 	and for similar reasons.  Do they still sell ``pints''
> 	in public houses?
>> Philip Taylor
>> [1]
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