AW: [texhax] Hello - I have a problem

Jeroen Wijnhout wijnhout at
Wed Aug 18 17:30:23 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 18 August 2004 16:31, Randolph J. Herber wrote:
> 	Whereas it is possible that some ghostscript installations default
> 	to legal size paper (8.5inx14in-216mmx356mmi-612ptx1008pt), it is
> 	more probable that they default to letter size paper (8.5inx11in-
> 	216mmx279mm-612ptx792pt), which is close to A4 (8.28inx11.7in-
> 	210mmx297mm-596ptx843pt).
> 	Now, if were possible to convince the Europeans to stop hard-
> 	coding paper sizes into software instead of putting such data
> 	into configuration files so that it would be easier to adjust
> 	their software to work with letter paper, the European software
> 	would be much more popular with United States users.

Why are you complaining, it defaults to letter not A4. I'm the one that should 
be complaining, since I have A4 paper exclusively.

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