[texhax] Incrementing a counter on a page boundary?

Adrian F. Clark alien at essex.ac.uk
Wed Aug 18 16:28:45 CEST 2004

I'm preparing a LaTeX document which involves per-page numbering.  In
other words, I need "1a" "1b" etc on p1, "2a" "2b" etc on p2, and so on.

Thanks to David Kastrup's excellent perpage.sty, I am able to handle
what I thought was the difficult part, the "a", "b" part of the
numbering scheme.  However, I'm struggling to get the page number to
come out right: in particular, \thepage can give a value that is one too
small at the top of a page -- presumably because of the way TeX "cuts
the scroll".  Does anyone have a solution to this, perhaps a variation
on perpage.sty that increments rather than resets a counter?  I'm afraid
the wizardry in perpage.sty is beyond me these days...

Many thanks in advance.

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