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Paul Wagner paul_spam at
Wed Aug 18 15:15:24 CEST 2004

Hi Tom,

had the same problem, resolved it by telling ghostscript that I'm using A4
paper (some ghostscript installations default to legal paper format). 

Command line is 

   gs -sPAPERSIZE=A4

if I remember correctly, but to be sure please look it up in the


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	I have a problem with producing pdf files - please read on... 
	Initially I thought the problem was related to WinEdt so I contacted
	I love your program - it is great. I have a minor problem though: 
	I have noticed differences between pdf files it generates - if I go
straight from dvips -> pdf the document looks as it should. If however I go
from dvips -> ps, then from ps -> pdf the document is slightly trimmed, i.e.
the upper margin is much reduced.  Okay - you may say - don't do the latter.
Fair enough, however I have found pdfs created in the first way are often
unstable when e-mailed and won't open at the other end. I don't know why
this should be so as they apparently work fine before being sent. This means
I am compelled to use the first method and end up sending trimmed pdf files
that look odd.
	Can you help? 
	Many Regards 
	Response for WinEdt team: 
	Actually, WinEdt has nothing to do with this (just an ascii text
editor that offers an interface to your TeX system) and all to do with the
TeX system. The documentation, eg C:\TeX\MiKTeX\doc\miktex\samples or 
	texmf\doc\latex\graphics\  likely offer the appropriate
advise. Alternative, I reckon the FAQs at the TeX site (www.tug.or) would
	I have tried the FAQ however I could not find anything that helped. 
	Do you have any advice? It would be much appreciated. 
	Many Regards 
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