[texhax] hypenation matters, again

Chris Rowley C.A.Rowley at open.ac.uk
Tue Aug 17 20:06:28 CEST 2004


I checked a few UK hyphenation dictionaries and only a few give a
`preferred' division point in a few of these words (but different ones).

Between them they list quite a few `undesirable' points, especially if
a lonely two letters at the start of a word are allowed (an activity
generally deprecated).

My own taste does not agree with any of my sources but would certainly not
add many tolerble division points in this list (except where other
possibiliies do not exist).

So, it's each to his own around here, as ever.

> while tex does

Not really tex, but the file hyphen.tex to which you refer here; is it

>  - use \hyphenation{...} as s/he has done.

That's what I do ... a lot ... when writing in my native style. 


>     \hyphenation{local}
>     \hyphenation{together}
>     \hyphenation{climates}
>     \hyphenation{really}
>     \hyphenation{appear}
>     \hyphenation{issue}
>     \hyphenation{Everett}
>     \hyphenation{measure}
>     \hyphenation{family}
>     \hyphenation{applied}
>     \hyphenation{senior}
>     \hyphenation{autumn}
>     \hyphenation{remained}
>     \hyphenation{essay}
>     \hyphenation{actions}
>     \hyphenation{effort}
>     \hyphenation{final}
>     \hyphenation{either}
>     \hyphenation{simple}
>     \hyphenation{carried}
>     \hyphenation{science}
>     \hyphenation{legal}
>     \hyphenation{worthy}

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