[texhax] Adjusting parentheses for intervals and functions

Plamen Tanovski pgt at arcor.de
Tue Aug 17 19:39:25 CEST 2004

Paul Wagner wrote:

> > Maybe the LaTeX package "nicefrac" is interesting in this respect.
> I don't think so: I haven't used that particular package, but the name


this ist not the Question!!! The Question is: should the size of the
parentheses/brackets/braces be adjusted in case of intervals or
functions. *Regardless* inline or display.

AFAIR in Jim Hefferons algebra book, the size of the interval
parentheses is *not* adjusted.  One reason, may be, is not to confuse
the interval parenteses with the "normal" multiply parenthes. Who
knows. Math typography is a (undocumented) mystery.

Best regards,

PS: nicefrac sucks. It uses the virgule instead of the solidus. This
may be OK for CM, where the solidus also sucks (compare with the
fraction bar in the percent sign), but for the rest of the fonts it is
simply wrong.

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