[texhax] hypenation matters, again

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Mon Aug 16 16:09:15 CEST 2004

    > your client can reset \lefthyphenmin=3 to avoid all
    > hyphens after fewer than three initial letters, but
    > for the rest of these words, the only solutions are
    >  - try the uk hyphenation patterns and settings,
    >    which are different from the u.s. ones;
    >  - use \hyphenation{...} as s/he has done.

    I am never sure of the answer to this : is it valid/correct
    to set \{left|right}hyphenmin in the TeX file to a value
    other than that set when using PatGen ?

i believe that there are valid reasons to do so.
knuth didn't introduce \[left|right]hyphenmin until
version 3, when it became obvious that patterns other
than the ones for english were needed and used.  in
a document with multilingual inclusions it might be
desirable to use a non-patgen value for the inclusions
even when using the appropriate patterns for them.

and setting the \...hyphenmin's to "infinity" may be
a more efficient way to suppress hyphenation altogether
than setting the \...hyphenpenalty values.
							-- bb

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