[texhax] problem with INBOOK in bibtex

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Sun Aug 15 19:23:26 CEST 2004

I'm running MikTeX on Win98.

I have a citation in a paper that is not coming out in the bibliography 
section the way I'd like it.

Here is my preamble:
   \documentclass[12pt, USletter]{report}

I use both TextPad and JabRef to manage my file of references.  Here is 
the bibtex source code of the citation involved.  It was generated when 
I entered the item into the database using JabRef bibtex manager:

   chapter = {Self-report measures of psychological mindedness},
   pages = {1-26},
   title = {Psychological Mindedness: a Contemporary Understanding},
   publisher = {Lawrence Erlbaum},
   year = {1997},
   editor = {M McCallum and WE Piper},
   author = {HR Conte and RR Ratto},
   address = {Mahwah, NJ},
   owner = {Christopher W. Ryan},

Here is the warning generated by bibtex8:

The 8-bit codepage and sorting file: 88591lat.csf
The top-level auxiliary file: registrar_07-01-2004.aux
The style file: unsrt.bst
Database file #1: references.bib
Warning--can't use both author and editor fields in Conte1997
(There was 1 warning)

Tool completed with exit code 1

And, here is how the output appears in my paper:

HR Conte and RR Ratto.  Psychological Mindedness:  a Contemporary 
Understanding, chapter Self-report measures of psychological mindedness, 
pages 1-26.  Lawrence Erlbaum, Mahway, NJ, 1997.

[I can't convey it in e-mail, but the five words between and including 
"Psychological" and "Understanding" are italicized.]

I don't think that's the way this was suppposed to turn out.  I would 
rather have it look something like this:

HR Conte and RR Ratto.  Self-report measures of psychological 
mindedness.  In M McCallum and WE Piper, eds. Psychological Mindedness: 
  a Contemporary Understanding.   Pages 1-26.  Lawrence Erlbaum, Mahway, 
NJ, 1997.  [also with those same 5 words italicized]

Any ideas?


Christopher W. Ryan, MD
SUNY Upstate Medical University Clinical Campus at Binghamton
and Wilson Family Practice Residency, Johnson City, NY
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