[texhax] TeX hyphenation -- why do so many words get no hyphens

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Aug 7 19:35:48 CEST 2004

    the original is going to affect Don's criterion for archival
    stability, so it really looks as if the answer is a different \language.

For plain TeX, that sounds like a good idea, keeping to the spirit of
DEK's desires.  We wouldn't want him to be upset if he typesets volume 4
one day and gets different hyphenations :).

For other formats (LaTeX, ConTeXt), I don't see much harm in
changing/increasing the default English patterns.  Archival stability is
pretty much a myth, anyway -- the problems with external files (fonts,
graphics, packages, ...) changing dwarfs any hyphenation

"tex" is not actually "TeX" any more anyway (This is TeXk, ...), since
Don's criteria forbid virtually any extensions in the core.

Anyway, all this is pretty much moot without actual patterns.  Should we
write Kuiken?  He created ushyph2 and ushyphen.max years ago, but his
copyright doesn't currently allow use on TeX Live (for example).

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