[texhax] rotated tables and (TeX+Ghostscript) vs. (PDFTex)

Heywood J heywoodj123 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 1 04:07:53 CEST 2004

hello everyone,

i'm having trouble inserting a very wide table using
the rotating package and the sidewaystable
environment. i am using TeXShop and the latest teTeX
distribution on a mac (OS 10.3.4). the relevant bits
of my preamble are as follows:


and the table is inserted as:

  a & b & c & d & e & f & g & h & $\ldots$ 
  \caption{Caption text}

if i typeset the document using Pdftex, the table
looks fine, and gets placed on a page by itself as
expected, but none of my EPS figures get rendered. if
instead i typeset using TeX+Ghostscript, all the
figures look fine, but now the table does not get
rotated and runs off the side of its page -- it's as
if the rendering is done assuming landscape mode, but
the page remains in portrait.

the problem is that almost all of my figures are EPS
(matlab figures, etc.), and i make extensive use of
the psfrag package to replace text labels throughout
the document. so converting all the EPS figures to PDF
is not an option (psfrag won't work in that case).

i found robin fairbairns's post from a few months ago
suggesting that the rotating and graphicx packages are
incompatible in some sense (for reasons having to do
with the latter redefining \includegraphics), but i
removed graphicx and it didn't help. i also saw this
post from bruno voisin on this exact subject:


but found no followups on how to resolve the problem. 

so i'm stuck. does anyone have any suggestions on how
to get this table to rotate without messing up the

many thanks in advance,


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