[texhax] Cayley Tables (Group Theory)

David Carter-Hitchin david at carter-hitchin.clara.co.uk
Fri Apr 16 01:45:58 CEST 2004


Hope someone can help here - this is my first post and I'm a novice with
TeX so I need examples to learn from; I've done a fair bit of searching
and have drawn a blank, so please don't flame me if the answer to my
question is in what you think is an obvious place.  I've seen some of the
posts on here recently.. and well.. you guys need to get out more and
relax :-) But seriously...

I want to make Cayley tables in either pure TeX or LateX - it doesn't
matter as long as they look nice (*).  Eventually I'll be generating these
from some software so something which lends itself to an algorithmic
approach would be cool.

I have looked through the following sources but with no joy:

o TeXbook
o LateX companion
o math examples that come with TeTeX distribution
o www.latex-project.org
o www.tug.org
o www.google.com
o www.planetmath.org

I found one solitary page which had some tables which looked good, but it
was only in PDF:


If I had lots and lots of time I could probably work things out from the
fundamental building blocks of TeX, but as I say I'm really a novice -
I've no idea how difficult (or easy) this would be - an example would be a
flying start;  please don't laugh at my lack of knowledge :-)

So my question is:  are there any public-domain examples of Cayley tables
in LaTeX/TeX?


(*) I found one which was essentially a square matrix with some blank
entries - I looking more for an actual table with at least two dark lines
to mark the borders.  I also want to shade some of the cells to highlight
various entries.

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