[texhax] Coloring table cells

Jan Eden lists at janeden.org
Thu Apr 15 17:07:07 CEST 2004

Hi fellows,

I cannot solve the following issue:

In a longtable, I want to color cells spanning over multiple rows, using the colortbl package. My first attempt with columns defined by \newcolumntype delivers the correct output:

\usepackage{longtable, array, color, colortbl}


\multicolumn{1}{A}{Vorlesung} & \multicolumn{1}{B}{Vorlesung} & \multicolumn{1}{C}{Vorlesung}\\
Vorlesung & \multicolumn{1}{B}{Vorlesung} & \multicolumn{1}{C}{Vorlesung}\\
Vorlesung & \multicolumn{1}{B}{Vorlesung} & \multicolumn{1}{C}{Vorlesung} \\
\multicolumn{2}{B}{Vorlesung} & \multicolumn{1}{C}{Vorlesung} \\

Unfortunately, the LaTeX document  is generated from a HTML table, which uses rowspan=n, so I have to use the multirow package. This package, however, does not seem to be compatible with the other packages involved. At least I have not found a way to use a certain columntype as one of \multirow's arguments.

Informally, the table should look like this, defining cells spanning over a single column but multiple rows in a certain color:

\multirow{3}{A}{Veranstaltung} & \multirow{5}{B}{Veranstaltung} & \multirow{2}{C}{Veranstaltung}\\
\multirow{4}{B}{Veranstaltung} & \multirow{1}{C}{Veranstaltung} & \multirow{3}{A}{Veranstaltung}\\

Any suggestions?


Jan Eden
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